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Please complete the below form to tell us about your website design project.

Building a website is rather like building a house, you need clear specifications and planning in order to determine the size of the job, how much work is involved and estimate the cost.

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Website Specification

This is where you tell us about your requirements and specifications for the website.

Background Information

Do you require a staging (test) site during the rebuild. This would normally be setup on a sub-domain, e.g. so that your exisitng site remains online until the new site is complete.

Do you have any exising SEO, targeted landing pages or advertising campaings that need to be maintained on the new site. If so please provide details.

What is your motivation for rebuilding your exisitng site.

It is import to know your budget to determine if it realistic for the features and functions you want and if not so that we can offer alternatives or a staged payment plan approach.

If you have a deadline for when this projects needs to be completed, please specify below.

If there are any other websites which you like the design of and would like us to use as a reference in your design, then please provide the URL's below.

Please provide the URL's for some of your direct competitors.

What the organisational goals are for the website – what do you want to achieve from the new site? (Goals should be SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and have a timeframe)

Target Audience

May be more than one / May be different from your customers . For example, a non-profit may target individual donations and highlight their work and a second audience is sponsors.

Do you have an ideal customer profile? What will they come to your website for? (articles/reviews/contact details/pricing?)

Call to Action

Do you want visitors to buy from the shop, complete enquiry form, call us, read lots of articles, sign-up to the newsletter, sign up to the RSS, etc


Provide a short summary, with products/services/history etc. List the subject areas – from most important to least, focus on topics and clusters (which can then become the site map).

Do you have a variety of media content available to tell the story (photos, videos, text, diagrams, etc)

Please note that since we are not lawyers, we can only provide you with a generic privacy policy that covers most websites. If you think this will not be sufficient, you should speak with an Internet lawyer.

Please note that we can only provide generic terms & conditions, if you think this will not be sufficient, then we recommend consulting an Internet lawyer.

Will you be collecting and processing any data that will require explicit GDPR compliance.

Who is going to write the content? Will it be done with Search Engine Optimisation in mind? (See next section).

Social Media & sharing

Functional Requirements

The information you have provided above, including content and calls to action, should give you a clear picture of what functions are required in the website. Please be as specific as possible about what pages you want and the functionality required on those pages.

Please provide more details about how you want this to function. Will this be FREE membership or Paid, will it be on subscription. What will be in the members area etc.
Here are 13 of the best membership plugins.

Please provide more specific details about your requirements. What products and services do you want to sell, what payments methods, do you need shipping calculations, do you need discounts and special offers etc.
The most commonly used solution for WordPress is WooCommerce for complex stores which need lots of bells and whistles.
We also support ECWID for more simple requirements.
Please take a look at both and let us know which is most applicable.

Please provide details of the features and functionality you require in the booking system. Here are some of the popular plugins available.
FREE plugins | PAID Plugins

Please detail any other pages and functionality you will require.